12 Oaks Bakery recipes are family heirlooms - delicious secrets that have been passed down from our great grandmothers to our grandmothers to our mothers and finally on to us.

The sweet philosophy that drives
12 Oaks Bakery is that dessert is here to taste good. We make a cake that you'll sneak an extra slice of while doing the dishes. Or a cookie that you can't help but eat for breakfast. So that's what we bake, home-made desserts, laced with love,  that will be the highlight of your day. So please, make yourself at home. Take a look around.  We have a delicious assortment of cake bites, cupcakes and special treats that will make your day a little sweeter.  

12 Oaks Bakery is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  We do not have a store-front, which means that everything is custom baked, fresh for each new order.  We provide delivery within Manhattan or alternatively, you can arrange to pick up from us on nights or weekends at either 73rd Street and West End Avenue or on 81st Street between 1st and York. Delivery fees typically range between $15-$25 depending on the delivery address and the size of the order.

Need to get in touch? Have a question? Or just want to say hi?
Contact us:
thebaker@twelveoaksbakery.com or 646.396.3630